Improving Homes, Improving Lives


Q. I need to fill in some Building Warrant Forms, can you help?

A. We are happy to visit you at home to help with the forms, or you can make an appointment and call past the office for assistance.

Q. I need some handrails put up in my bathroom, who do I contact?

A. We will be able to put up handrails, or pass you on to an occupational therapist for an assessment should you need further help. Contact us to arrange a visit.

Q. I am happy to pay for repairs to my home, however I am worried about how to proceed.

A. We can help to identify any problems, give you an idea how much it might cost, organise a contractor to do the works on your behalf, and keep an eye on things as they are being done.

Q. I have an elderly relative who lives alone, the house is in good condition. However, she has problems with the access and other minor works. Can you help?

A. As long as she is happy for us to visit to see what the problems are we may be able to either carry out the works/repairs ourselves or arrange for the appropriate department to look further into the problem.

Q. Do I pay for your service?

A. You do not pay for our help and advice, however there might be a charge if materials are used by our Small Repairs Service, if you need larger works carried out there may be costs involved. However we will advise and should there be any grants or loans available we should be able to help you to apply.